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Destini's Writing Journal

The winds of change are approaching...

Destini Jen Venturi
8 February 1985

Profile coming soon! Keep checking back to see if I have updated!

academics, activism, animals, animation, animorphs, anti-bush, anti-censorship, anti-christ, anti-discrimination, anti-god, anti-gun, anti-ignorance, anti-racism, anti-religion, anti-violence, anti-war, ariel waller, aromantic asexuality, ashley leggat, astrology, atheism, atlanta braves, baseball, books, casey macdonald, casey/derek, cats, challenges, classic nickelodeon, computers, craig bartlett, creativity, dasey, debate, debunking stereotypes, derek venturi, derek/casey, dogs, dragonheart, dragons, drake & josh, drake bell, drake/josh, education, edwin/lizzie, elections, equal rights, equal rights amendment, fanfiction, feminism, food, football, free speech, free stuff, freedom from religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, friends, gender issues, gender studies, goddard, grammar, graphics, having 150 interests, helga pataki, hey arnold!, hey dude, hockey, honesty, human rights, icon communities, icon journals, icons, intelligence, internet journals, invader zim, jhonen vasquez, jimmy neutron, jimmy/cindy, josh peck, kablam, kenan & kel, kenan and kel, kittens, layout communities, learning, life with derek, linkin park, literature, livejournal, livejournal communities, lizwin, lizzie/edwin, lj icons, making friends, marathon's martin mystery, martana, micheal seater, mighty ducks, movies, music, nanowrimo, nashville predators, nickelodeon, nicktoons, no sex, no spam, novels, original fiction, original poetry, patience, petitions, pets, photography, playwriting, poetry, pro-choice, procrastination, prompts, punctuation, puppies, reading, reptiles, screenwriting, sheen estevez, short stories, slash, south of nowhere, spashley, spelling, stories, straights, studying, tennessee titans, the angry beavers, the democratic party, the littl' bits, tortoiseshell cats, travel, tv movies, userpics, verse, video games, web design, websites, writers, writers block, writing, yard sales, zim